Short Term Rentals of Test Equipments

Short Term Rentals of Test & Measurement Equipment Option offered By Supreme Technology & Rental Solutions helps you confront unscheduled, new test requirements within a short period of time without the need for time consuming investment, intricate applications to go for the required test instrument. And what is more, when all our rental instruments are continually tested, verified for maximum performance and quality achieved through maintenance and calibration done on a regular basis, thereby complying with international standards and directives. The period of short term rental offered is for a day to 6 months that can vary based on your requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate availability of a gamut of Equipments
  • Exceptional level of customer & technical support and access to full product support
  • Instant availability of Ready to use, calibrated Instruments
  • Save money over your purchase
  • Free up your cash for other worthwhile investments
  • Avoidance of costs of ownership
  • Suitable for all your rental requirements
  • Access to the latest form of technology available
  • Option to try out any equipment of your choice
  • Suitable for all types of projects
  • Cover for equipment in calibration or repair
  • 100% Tax deductible Rental expenses

If you are looking for Short term rental of test equipments, please call us at 1800 834 991 or use the Contact form provided so that we can get in touch to know your requirements.