Rent-to-Own Option of Test Equipments

Rent-to-Own option of Test Equipments offered by Supreme Technology & Rental Solutions helps you to save on purchasing equipments, thereby saving valuable resources and is applicable to qualified instruments only. The rental period is for 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. This option allows you to opt out any time after midterm. This option is highly suitable for those who intend to eventually purchase the unit. In addition, it offers the lowest buyout price to go for the test equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible terms according to your specific requirements
  • Monthly payment tagged at competitive rates and lower rates when you go for long-term rentals
  • Choice to purchase or not with substantial savings if you plan to buy
  • Free maintenance & calibration during the entire rental period of the equipment
  • User-friendly technical support with due calibration of equipment before dispatch
  • Greater flexibility in the case of requirement change
  • Helps one to opt out of the rental agreement anytime after renting the product for no less than half of the rental term
  • Complete billing process on the day the product is duly returned to us
  • Rental charges prorated every day after midterm
  • Purchase of Rented equipment for 75% discount of the actual Market value

If you want to know more about Rent-to-own option of test equipments, please call us at 1800 834 991 or use the Contact form provided so that we can get in touch to know your requirements.