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Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals of Test & Measurement Equipments helps you rent electrical and electronic instruments for as long as 6 months to a year depending on your requirements. Advantages include avoidance of capital expenditure, excellent technical support

Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals of test equipments offered by Supreme Technology & Rental Solutions provides rentals for a period of a day to 6 months that can vary according to your needs. Tangible benefits include immediate availability of wide range of instruments

Month to Month Rentals

Month to Month Rentals of test instruments is highly flexible with rental prorated every day after 30 days. With the inclusion of calibration in this scheme, some of the benefits include Month-to-month payment, Competitive rates, Buy Out option, hassle free use of equipments, free calibration

Test Instruments Lease

Equipment Leases comes as an excellent option for balancing cash flow, which helps in financial flexibility and saving bank lines for working capital. Advantages are flexibility in management of financial resources, fast delivery, access to quality support team & technical solutions

Rent to Own Option

Rent-to-Own Option program is for 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months with the option to opt out any time after midterm. The advantages include Buyout Option at the end of term, higher flexibility, discount prices up to 75% of the actual market value, trouble free-operation, free calibration

Operating Leases

This is the best available option when it comes to renting electrical and electronic test instruments for a period of 12 - 36 months as opposed to an outright purchase. This of course can bring about a drastic cost reduction of populating your test laboratory.

Project Hire

The Project Hire Program for saving up on-front investment costs and facilitates cost allocation on a particular project. Whatever be the scale of your project, you can bank on the Project Hire program for you all requirements related to testing electrical installations on the basis of project

Equipment Leases

Finance leases is a viable option if you are intended to own the test equipment at the end of the lease term, particularly if the useful life of the equipment extends beyond the leasing term. With complete purchase cost uniformly distributed over the leasing term, the equipment can be owned

About Us

Supreme Technology & Rental Solutions offers quality rental services of electrical and electronic test & measurement equipments to customers with a host of financial advantages, plans and tax benefits based on your term of rental agreement, requirement, application and industry.

Our Services

Asset Management

Effective Allocation of Resources with greater utilization of resources & capital expenditure reduction

Trade In

Transforming your surplus or excess Test Equipment into cash or credit towards purchase of new or extra test equipment

Test Equipment Repair

Repair Services of Test Equipments & cosmetic refurbishment services with potential cost saving & minimal repair charges

Test & Tag

Testing & Tagging Compliance Services & PAT Testing Training according to the AS/NZS3760 Australian Standards

Test Instruments Calibration

Calibration of Test Equipments for smooth functioning and adherence to all form of standard regulations

Disposal Services

Transformation of unwanted or under-utilized equipments into cash with the best re-sale value

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    Check out all the leading brands dealing with rental test & measurement equipments in this section including Algodue, Elspec Technologies, Flexim, Flir Systems, Fluke, Hioki, Iskra, Megger, Metrel, Pelican Products, Radiodetection, WeisGMBH, to name a few.

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